064 – Consumed (S5E6-506)


Still no resolution with Beth, but we get deeper bonding with Daryl and Carol. Carol reveals some of her inner feelings and we also see what happened to her after Rick banished her. Do you think we’re getting closer to the death of Carol? Fans surely hope not, but it seems like the Carol character is nearing the end. We see more of Atlanta and go to some new locations. There’s a big tense scene where the couple has to decide between fighting off walkers or plunge over a bridge.

We weren’t too hot on this episode in the beginning but in the end we loved the Carol and Daryl chemistry here.

Daryl Smoking

Daryl Smoking in Consumed

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063 – Self Help (S5E5-505)


Eugene reveals the true nature of his role in the group. Since we don’t read the comics. We were really not 100% sure of Eugene’s magical cure. But we were holding out some hope. So was the rest of the group.

We also got some much needed back-story to Abraham and how he became attached to Eugene. It’s not explained clearly in the show, but we learn that Abraham ends up killing some people he thought he could trust because they raped his wife.

This episode is worth a re-watch after Eugene’s revelation. Many scenes with Eugene take on a different light with that in mind.

Again, I am smarter than you

Again, I am smarter than you

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062 – Slabtown (S5E4-504)


The story of Beth’s disappearance is revealed and things are not good. Will we ever find good people outside our group? Apparently not. We read some listener feedback and find that a lot of people didn’t like this episode. We give our take on it.

Even though one of us was away, we still managed to get an episode out this week. Yay! Remote podcasting via skype was cool but we both prefer the face to face interaction.

Check out this episode and give us feedback.

Slabtown - Beth

Slabtown – Beth


061 – Four Walls and a Roof (S5E3-503)


Some of our fans debate the outcome of this episode and wonder if Glenn and Maggie made the right choice. But after witnessing the slaughter that happened. Can you blame them? Here’s what happens in this episode and we break it down in the podcast:

Besides, I already made you a promise.

Besides, I already made you a promise. – Rick


  • Gareth and his crew eat tainted BobBQ.
  • Gabriel confesses to what he did, which was not all that bad.
  • Gareth attacks the church only to be foiled by Rick.
  • Rick keeps his promise to Gareth and uses the red handled machete.
  • Abraham and Rick get into a confrontation, which leads to the group splitting up
  • Glenn, Maggie and Tara join Abraham on the trip to Washington while leaving the rest behind.
  • We are left with a cliffhanger ending where we see Daryl’s return but who is with him?

Listen to the end to hear about our trip to Woodbury and both zombie tours we took while in Atlanta. Like our show? Rate us on iTunes. It helps us grow our audience and get noticed.


060 – Strangers (S5E2-502)


The Walking Dead writers added some much needed uplifting dialog to this episode. We saw several small moments of humour interspersed throughout. However, no witty dialog could ease the shock of the last scene in this episode. BBQ anyone?

  • The group takes shelter in a church owned by a mysterious priest who’s hiding something.
  • Something is lurking in the shadows.
  • Daryl and Carol follow a lead to the whereabouts of Beth.
  • The group go swimming with walkers to fish-out some canned beans.
  • Abraham has a discussion with the group regarding Washington.
"We've Devolved into Hunters" - Gareth

“We’ve Devolved into Hunters” – Gareth