072 – Spend (S5E14-514)

In this episode we of our podcast we bring in one of our listeners, KJ, who has an opinion on why Carol said that Rick needs to kill Pete. It seems like the Alexandrians would rather let you be eaten by walkers and save their butt. Very different mentality than our original group. I know who I'd rather be hanging out with.

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  • Poor Noah has a bad day
  • Adrian reveals that he's a coward.
  • Eugene steps up and does the right thing.
  • Father Gabriel betrays the trust of the original group.
  • Carol recognizes abuse and wants to end it.
  • Abraham takes the lead with the construction crew.
  • Rick and Pete don't get along.
Glenn (Steven Yeun) - dealing with a tragic death.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) – dealing with a tragic death.

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