117 – Go Getters (S7E5 – 705)

We find out that Maggie is ok and the baby is ok! However, instead of going back to Alexandria, she and Sasha stay at the hilltop community. Will Maggie become the new leader displacing Gregory? Listen in to our podcast to find out.

We'd also like to wish our US listeners a Happy Thanksgiving and we are grateful for all the support.

Enid and Carl's first and last kiss?

Enid and Carl's first and last kiss?

  • paulb41

    Hey guys. I’ve been listening to you for only about month now. I love your father/daughter chemistry and how you view the scenarios of the show.

    One thing i must know…..what is the YouTube channel of the guys that abandoned structures you talked about on this episode?

    Keep up the great work!!

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