059 – No Sanctuary (S5E1-501)

This was an amazing season premiere and the writers really gave the fans everything they wanted. Lots of reunions and some kickass Rambo-style initiative from Carol. We haven't seen the last of Gareth. Here's the highlights of the tv show and what we talked about on the podcast:


  • We get to see how Terminus became what it is. The backstory of Gareth and his group is presented but not sure if this justifies their actions.
  • Rick and the gang escape Terminus and leave it in ruins
  • Carol uses a meat suit to become one with the walkers. Also helps the others with a clever diversion.
  • Rick reunites with Judith, Sasha with Tyrese and Daryl with Carol.
  • Surprise reappearance of a fan favorite with Morgan.
  • We also talk about some news around the new Walking Dead spin-off series from AMC.

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Surprise Ending Post Credits

Surprise Ending Post Credits

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