055 – Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

Getting ready for Season 5


If you let a walker soak in  water for too long. This is what happens.

If you let a walker soak in water for too long. This is what happens.

Hey everyone, thanks for hanging in there all summer. We're back and jumping into the world of The Walking Dead with a breakdown and analysis of the Season 5 trailer presented at the San Diego comic-con this past July. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button above or on iTunes or Stitcher.

Listener Feedback

Thanks to Cindy for sending us email feedback and got us motivated to get the podcast back up and running. Here's an excerpt from her email:

Pleeeeeeeeease do a new podcast.. I’m sure you could do a whole show on the season 5 trailer and speculations about that, heck.. I don’t even care if you talk about how your summer has gone. Your people miss you!!

Walker Stalker Con:

  • We will be attending the Atlanta Walker Stalker Con. We'll be there from the 17-20 of October.
  • On Friday Oct. 17 8pm there will be a podcasting meetup with us and a bunch of other walking dead podcasters. The venue is not certain yet but it will be close to the convention center.
  • On Monday Oct. 20. We'll be going on the Atlanta Movie Tours tour to see various Walking Dead filming locations. There are two tours that day and we'll be doing both (9:30am and 2:30pm).
  • We'll also be attending the San Francisco Walker Stalker Con on Jan 31/Feb 1 – 2015.

Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

Of course the main discussion of todays episode focuses on the analysis and breakdown of the Season 5 trailer. You can view it below:

Here's a list of quotes we broke down in the podcast, from the trailer:

  • “I just hope you understand, we didn't want to hurt you. Nothing was personal” – Gareth, to Rick.
  • “You don’t have to do this. We can put the world back to how it was. We have a man who has the cure, we just have to get him to Washington. You just have to take a chance.” – Bob to  Gareth
  • “You don’t have a choice, all of you. You join us, and we go to washington to cure this thing” – Gareth.
  • “I don’t trust this guy” – Rick
  • “We’ve all done something” – Carl
  • “When we get to washington we make the dead die and the living will have this world again” – Abraham
  • “We're not splitting up, we don't know what’s coming next” – Unknown voice.
  • “They don’t trust us anymore” – Gareth
  • “These people are my family and if you hurt them in any way, I’ll kill you” – Rick
  • “We need to leave for DC”, “We're not going anywhere without our people. – Abraham and Rick
  • “You show up and three of us are gone” – Sasha to Abraham.
  • “No matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you, are not safe” – Rick to Carl.
  • “You don't know what is at stake!” – Abraham yelling to Rick
  • “Where are our people!” – Sasha yelling to someone.
  • “Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good. In here, you're not the greater good, you're part of a system” – Police woman to Beth

Click here to view all the screen captures we used in the podcast

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