061 – Four Walls and a Roof (S5E3-503)

Some of our fans debate the outcome of this episode and wonder if Glenn and Maggie made the right choice. But after witnessing the slaughter that happened. Can you blame them? Here's what happens in this episode and we break it down in the podcast:

Besides, I already made you a promise.

Besides, I already made you a promise. – Rick


  • Gareth and his crew eat tainted BobBQ.
  • Gabriel confesses to what he did, which was not all that bad.
  • Gareth attacks the church only to be foiled by Rick.
  • Rick keeps his promise to Gareth and uses the red handled machete.
  • Abraham and Rick get into a confrontation, which leads to the group splitting up
  • Glenn, Maggie and Tara join Abraham on the trip to Washington while leaving the rest behind.
  • We are left with a cliffhanger ending where we see Daryl's return but who is with him?

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