062 – Slabtown (S5E4-504)

The story of Beth's disappearance is revealed and things are not good. Will we ever find good people outside our group? Apparently not. We read some listener feedback and find that a lot of people didn't like this episode. We give our take on it.

Even though one of us was away, we still managed to get an episode out this week. Yay! Remote podcasting via skype was cool but we both prefer the face to face interaction.

Check out this episode and give us feedback.

Slabtown - Beth

Slabtown – Beth

  • Rick Cabaniss

    I enjoyed the episode but I really wished it was not only centered on Beth. It seemed more like a filler episode to give the other actors a break. Why did Beth and the young black guy have to use the “Death Shaft” elevator shaft to escape? Why didn’t they just sneak out the same way they came in? How did that building still have power? I understand generators but even the CDC ran out of fuel long ago, how did this hospital still have fuel? The whole episode could have been done in just a few scenes and we could have progressed Rick and his groups story line at the same time. How will Beth feel about Maggie leaving her behind without even trying to find her? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    • I don’t think Maggie leaving is a big deal really. Besides, she’s got Glenn πŸ™‚
      But I agree that it seems too easy at the hospital. I mean they even had fresh strawberries in the kitchen. That’s a hell of a roof garden. One of the main rewards of this episode is the introduction of a very likeable character in Noah.

      • Noah! I could not remember his name until you told me. In the south, family is everything so to see Maggie choose Glen over looking for her sister seems unbelievable. I wonder if Maggie and her sister were really that close? That would explain Maggies actions. Now for some trivia “Triviaaaaaa! Yeah” (lol) Richmond Virginia does have a wall along its south side near the main part of the city. The purpose of this wall is to protect the lower parts of the city such as a place called Shocko Bottom from flooding. Sometimes the James River will overflow its banks so the walls were built to help protect the city. I believe the actor who plays Tyreese also is from Richmond Virginia. It is a beautiful and picturesque city rich in history and diversity. I am proud to have been born there. Love your show! Keep up the great work. β™‘

  • Danny

    Why is everyone making a big deal about a whole Beth episode?? I found it refreshing to get away from the group for a while and see what is going on elsewhere. Ppl are such babies!

    • It’s nice to see how others have survived the zombie apocalypse. It gives us a contrast and perspective to compare our group against something else out there.

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